Maneuvering through dating life can be hard. It is difficult to give any part of yourself, including your time, without trust. And it is also difficult to meet others with similar interest in today’s fast paced world in person, which is why there are more and more online dating success stories being created each day. It is where people of similar interests can meet.

Online dating can work, if you take the time upfront to learn more about yourself. Here are some great books to read that might get you on a track to success:

Still a Virgin and not ready for sex but boyfriend is asking? How not to lose your Virginity before marriage. — Authors-choice: Hope & Revival

In today’s sexually permissive world, hardly have people met but they already thinking of having sex yet there are people who sincerely value sex, and know that it is best within a lifelong commitment of marriage and would like to keep their virginity till their wedding night as a special gift to their husband’s and […]

Still a Virgin and not ready for sex but boyfriend is asking? How not to lose your Virginity before marriage. — Authors-choice: Hope & Revival

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Sex — daneelyunus

Sex – After marriage, Sex plays an important role in making a strong relationship between husband and wife. It is an essential part of a human’s life with several benefits for your health. Healthy sexual life also helps in reducing tension or stress, better sleep, and making a strong bond between couples. Sex is also used […]

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Sex — daneelyunus

Sex Education — This, That, and The Other

Due to their very conservative beliefs, my parents refused to sign the permission slip for me to take the ninth grade sex education course at school. And because they are very religious and were embarrassed to talk with me about the birds and the bees, I was very naïve when it came to my body […]

Sex Education — This, That, and The Other

Fandango Friday Flashback—Ladies, let’s talk about breast health — Keep it alive

Ladies let’s talk about Breast Health, mammograms and need for self exams.I am sharing this post again because it is essential to make each and every woman, whatever her age, of the vital importance of ensuring breast health. Also as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback. October is the breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer […]

Fandango Friday Flashback—Ladies, let’s talk about breast health — Keep it alive

5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Sex Life — Jenny in Neverland

AD // Sex is a big part of most of our lives and with the introduction of shows like Sex Education on Netflix, more and more people are talking about sex and making it a more normal part of every day life. Yay! I’ve not been too vocal talking about sex or sex related topics […]

5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Sex Life — Jenny in Neverland

Maternity Clothes Trends

For most women, the most stylish maternity clothes solution is to wear stretch classic jeans and a man’s white oxford shirt. However, the day comes when they face the inevitable: the visit to a maternity clothes store, either for a special occasion outfit, or to browse the plus size maternity clothes section in search for the most flattering solution to their style dilemmas. So what exactly should an expecting mom look for in maternity clothes, either regular or plus-size ones?

For the first few months, most women can get along with the wardrobe they already have. Slightly bigger breasts and increased waistline will make them sexier, not bigger. But when regular clothes do not work anymore, most women prefer to forget about fashion trends and cocoon themselves into shapeless dresses or high-waist slacks paired with voluptuous sweaters.

First of all, don’t try to hide your condition. It’s chic to be pregnant today, and young Hollywood stars happily get pregnant whenever they want and remain fashionable and glowing till the delivery. Today it’s much more flattering to show off your belly than to hide it under layers of clothes. The most current maternity outfits are sleek numbers that let your curvy silhouette show.

Happy Hippie. You will be perfectly stylish in free-flowing ethnic skirts, kaftans and yoke dresses that accommodate a growing belly. Airy tunics and patterned blousons look equally great with oversize cardigans, perhaps with a wide belt under the belly, or on their own, with a tiny capelet for warmth. This trend also embraces the wide empire-waisted and baby-doll dresses that can be worn over the maternity pants and jeans. Best designers working in this style: Alberta Ferretti, Anna Sui.

Bold Accessories. Keep the visual details on top. A scarf, a capelet, a bolero jacket in contrasting colors, virtually anything that accentuates the shoulders and bust line are very flattering. Layering with ponchos and shawls will complete the look, if you go for a loose bohemian style. Halter-type necklines are also very flattering, because in most women their neck and arms look the same even if the rest of the body grows at enormous speed.

Skip Underwires. When your bust is growing, a thick shelf bra is healthier than a bra with metallic wiring underneath. The sports bra will also do the trick. It will allow more room and support while you grow.

Wear Jeans. Today denim designers offer maternity versions of their most popular models. Citizen of Humanity, Seven For Mankind and Earl Jeans have maternity lines, as well as Juicy, in a variety of denim washes. Wear your maternity jeans low-slung, embroidered and slimming with contrasting washes.

Multifunctional Suits. With modern maternity suits you can easily switch from day to night, as they do double duty. You can dress them down with a t-shirt for a day or add a silk blouse or tunic for the night. The most charming maternity suits are made of wool and cotton, with blouses made of charmeuse and chiffon. Menswear plaids and pinstripes also look charming on pregnant women. Choose the size wisely: if you can stick two fingers between the waistline and the fabric of your new skirt or pants, it’s too big and will stay so, even when you grow.

Don’t Bare Too Much Skin. Revealing the growing belly may do the trick for Britney Spears, but not many women can do that with flare. Pregnancy is the beautiful period of life, but wearing too skimpy clothes will just look tacky.

Announcing Your Pregnancy

When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, it becomes difficult to think of something else. This results in the woman being anxious to announce the exciting news with other people especially the partner. There has been a lot of controversy on the best time to make an announcement about pregnancy. While choosing how and when to make an announcement of pregnancy, it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of proper timing. Moreover one can choose creative ways to reveal the secret.

Sharing news early

If one shares the news early the main advantage is that there is a lot of support from near and dear ones. One can share one’s joy with others. While making decisions a lot of people comes forward to help the pregnant mother. A lot of time is available for advice and choose the best medical professional. There is overwhelming support in case of miscarriage.
The main disadvantage of breaking the news early is that there may be overwhelming advice. A lot of explanation needs to be done in the case of miscarriage. The news of miscarriage may reach friends and other family members before even reaching the mother.

Announcement decisions

It is the decision of the mother to whom else to announce the big news apart from spouse, parents, and siblings. One should be careful of whom one tells. Telling one’s partner is the first brings a sense of belonging and a bond with the child. After the spouse, the other people who should know are the parents. They can help in future planning, offer advice and rejoice like no other person.

Choosing the way one shares the news matters a lot. It is fun to share the good news in a more creative and memorable way. Arranging for a romantic dinner is the best way to surprise and make the news memorable. Even in the case of the delicacies baby food can be served. Another way is to go out for a movie and watch a baby movie like Nine months and Junior. The good news can be written on a piece of paper and inserted in the DVD. A t-shirt with Daddy written can be provided apart from a baby keychain, baby book, and other baby items.

Telling family and friends

The good news can be sent in a card with a name chosen and a sonogram. This depends on how close the friends are. Another way of showing is a photograph of the woman and the husband without showing the belly.

Why and how parents should impart their children with the right kind of sex education?

Many parents are confused about what they should tell their children about sex and when and how this should happen. Parents are also concerned that sexual information might heighten children’s interest in experimentation, but many studies have shown that information and education do not encourage sexual activity. On the contrary, well-informed children make better and informed decisions regarding their sexuality, when they feel that no subjects are considered taboo at home. Some parents are concerned that their children never ask any questions of a sexual nature. Children pick up subtle cues and have probably realized that the topic makes parents feel uncomfortable and therefore steer clear of it. It is important to make children feel good about their sexuality from the beginning. This will make it easier for them to ask questions about it throughout their lives. Here are a few good reasons why you need to take some time out and make sure that your child has the right kind of sexual information and how it can help your child.

PREGNANCY AND AIDS: Previously, the threat of unwanted pregnancies and STDs were the main reasons parents talked about sex. Many never did. Sex was made out to be something terrifying that could lead to scandal and disaster and social ostracism. Nowadays, the terrifying rise in HIV infections has added urgency to the need for proper sex education.

AN ONGOING PROCESS: Questions should be answered naturally and in an age-appropriate fashion. A question on pregnancy from a five-year-old should be answered differently from when it is asked by a twelve-year-old.

BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL: Model the lessons you want to teach your children through your own behavior, expectations, and messages. Children learn more from what they see you doing than from what you say.

KNOW YOUR FACTS: Even if it means reading up, then do so. If asked a question you do not know, say that you are unsure and go and do some research.

GIVE FACTS: Children are not always able to distinguish between facts and beliefs. Do not let your personal belief system influence what you answer to a factual question. While there is room for imparting your values, this is not it.

ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD: Curious children end up being better informed generally and self-confident children overcome peer pressure more easily. Praise is the best way to teach self-confidence.

LISTEN CAREFULLY: Guard against overkill. Answer what is asked, without going into unnecessary details and don’t jump to conclusions about your children’s sexual activities. Their questions may spring from something they heard on the playground, not because they are experimenting themselves.

POSITIVE FEELINGS: Young people who have positive feelings about sexuality are more likely to be able to protect themselves against STDs, unintended pregnancies, and sexual abuse.

BE PATIENT: Sometimes some of your children’s questions could upset or embarrass you. Try not to criticize, lecture or nag. If you do, you won’t be asked questions again.

ASSURANCE: Let your children know that you are proud of them and that they are lovable. It will help to build their self-esteem. Also, stress that it is normal for everyone to be different and that you do not find their questions strange in any way. A child is very vulnerable and can get carried away by external sources. Make sure you impart a proper understanding of sexuality in your child, and always be open to them and keep your child safe.
This is also the responsibility of parents to guide their teenaged children about dating. Sometimes parents are very strict, because of traditions. They don’t allow their children, especially when they are in their teenage, to go out on a date. This results in a secret relationship and may cause other problems for their children. The better way is to guide your teenaged children and ask them to hold for sometimes to become of legal age for dating. Even if they are of legal age, they should be guided not to commit mistakes in finding their dating partner or soul mate. Don’t take a decision in a hurry and don’t trust anyone without testing them for love and sincerity.